Tuesday, March 31, 2009

James is 6....I can NOT believe it!!!

I can not believe that James is 6....he is such a sweet boy!! He is very active and full of energy!! He is about to start baseball and loves to practice with his dad!! He is a proud big brother and really wanted this next baby to be a girl because he wanted to have a nice sister!! HA!! I guess he thought he could try again!! He and Abigail have a lot of fun together when they are not fighting!! But you know I have always heard that you wouldn't be brother and sister if you didn't fight!!!! He loves his momma and will start kindergarten this fall!! WOW! I just really can't believe it!!!
He had a family party at home with a cookie cake! I missed his "friend" party, but it was at Chuck E Cheese's!! He had a Scooby Doo cake there!! These kids just about get the whole month at least the week of their birthday to celebrate!! I think we went to dinner on his actual birthday too!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEET BABY JAMES!!! Love you Aunt JuJu

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