Friday, November 7, 2008


Well I know I have not kept up this blog very well.....I will have to do a lot better after the first of the year!!! I am getting married in a week and I have had a few other things on my mind!! They always go to some friends house for the Boo Bash and I always join them to walk around the neighborhood with the kids... this Year we have Hannah Montana...Superman and a Banana....Wallace was not a fan of the costume but after we let him take it off and trick or treat without it ... he was all about it!! TOO CUTE!! Chris and I stayed back with him for the most part and he would go up to the house and if he didn't like the candy he would just walk away!! He is a picky trick or treater....he was soon just ready to go back to the house to enjoy what he had!! This year I was not able to keep up with James and Abigail ....they are in the fast group and really have a lot of fun with their friends!!!

Earlier in October we went to dinner for Jay's birthday....Jon, Chris, and I were able to join them and I also had Marshall and lots of fun!!!
I thought this was a great family picture to share and to tell you that this Family of 5 is soon to be family of 6!!!!! Yes Alexis is pregnant and due in June!!!
Until next time!!
Aunt JuJu