Wednesday, April 30, 2008

All about Wallace

Because I (JuJu) am the baby and I understand how the third child might get left out.. I dedicate this post to Wallace Ford.....what a sweet face... He is the best little boy and loves to play with trucks.....I love you baby wallace!!

Spring Soccer...Starring James

James first soccer game of the year and it was a little cold... Alexis mom and my mom and dad were able to be there for the day...

A day at the park....with Aunt JuJu

A day at the park with Aunt JuJu....I took the kids to the park while Alexis watched Wallace and let Josie sleep....It had rained a lot the day before and they loved playing in the mudholes!! Pulling each other down the hill!! Abigail didn't like getting wet but Marshall and James loved it!!

Adcox Party of 5 Created by Aunt JuJu

Yes I just started a blog for myself and now I am at my brothers making him get started on a blog for his family of 5....I thought I would start it out and help out but hopefully I can get him to keep it up with pictures!! So here it goes.....